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Ft. Lee soldiers return home after 6 month Afghanistan tour


Fort Lee soldiers, who have been deployed in the Middle East for six months, are surrounded by their families and loved ones, tonight. The service men and women returned from a tour in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Now, their only mission is spending time with those they care for most.

Two-year-old Teyhgan Rau has seen his father in person only a few months, out of his short life.

"Every day at daycare, he's been telling the ladies that daddy's coming home," said his mother, Alexandra.

"Home" is now a reality for 45 soldiers of the Army's 111th Quartermaster Company, based at Fort Lee. It's one of the Army's only two active Mortuary Affairs Units. These troops have one of the most somber assignments- preparing the bodies of fallen soldiers for transport back to the U.S.. They're also responsible for cataloging and making sure all of the personal items are returned to families. Their duty is complete, for now.

Newlywed Brittany Eckberg will finally hold her husband, not just in her heart, but in her arms, as she wrote on the poster she waved for him.

"I kept him in my heart, and prayed for him every day…Today, I'm going to love him!" said Eckberg.

After the commander announced "dismissed," the soldiers ran to their families.

"I want to go home," said Private First Class Jacob Eckberg, holding his wife, Brittany.

However, sometimes, words aren't necessary. Teyhgan wouldn't let go of his father, Private First Class Jacob Rau.

"I asked him if he remembered the man on the phone, and he said ‘Yes.' So that was a good day," said Jake Rau, while holding his son tightly in his arms.

Many of the troops tell say they use FaceTime and Skype to talk to their loved ones as much as possible.

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