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Shockoe Bottom to roll out street cameras


How do you balance privacy and your safety? Richmond's public safety committee discussed rolling out cameras on city streets Monday night.

Police say the extra eyes work, but they will not say just how many cameras are already out there.

The debate is just beginning with this agenda item, but Shockoe Bottom plans to put up cameras in the very near future.

The weekend crime report in Richmond shows a busy police force. There were aggravated assaults, an abduction, and multiple robberies.

"The police can't be everywhere and neither can the citizens," said public safety chairwoman Reva Trammell.

Trammell wants to see more cameras on city streets to help fight crime.

"We need something," said Trammell. "We need a tool to help us to feel like we are being protected."

We first showed you a similar plan back in 2009. You couldn't miss those bright yellow signs in Shockoe Bottom. They warned cameras are watching 24/7. Those signs have since disappeared, but now the neighborhood association plans to roll out interactive cameras of their own.

"It will be stored data," said association president David Napier. "So if there is a situation where police need to go back and look at it...they can."

Napier says the cameras would be part of a new interactive website for the neighborhood.

"Highlighting what's happening in Shockoe," said Napier. "All the good things, and then if something bad happens they may be able to see that, too."

Richmond Police would not comment on specific locations of cameras throughout the city.

"We move them based on need, productivity, and crime activity," said Major Odetta Johnson. "Cameras are only one tool. They have been a successful tool. But it's not the only thing that we are doing. We ask the citizens to continue to call if they see something strange."

The neighborhood association hopes to have the cameras in place this fall.

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