12 ON YOUR SIDE: Residents find new housing

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A resolution for several mentally and physically disabled people days away from being evicted. None of them are homeless tonight. We were there when they moved into a new house the next day, after our 12 on Your Side investigation.

As we first reported, they paid their rent but the landlord didn't get paid so, she got a court ordered eviction. The woman at the center of the trouble, found a new place and promises better conditions.

The property owner who wants them out says she rented the house to one person and Hester Hall turned her rental property into a rooming house without her knowledge. Hall says she knew. But she's in a new place now with her clients.

Hester Hall found a new property owner willing to take a chance on her supportive housing clients. This time though only four disabled people, all men moved into the new place.

"It'll be more managed. It'll be managed more around the clock. They will have rules," Hall said.

James Brooks made the cut. He's been with her five years.

"I want to get away from the drama. The confusion and be somewhere where I'm happy," he said.

Who can forget the filth at the former Second Avenue home? We found three mattresses on the floor in one room upstairs.

Hall's former landlord charged 850 dollars a month. The seven clients told me they paid Hall between four and five hundred dollars each. The property owner posted a pay or quit notice after Hall stopped paying.

Hall claims the owner wouldn't make repairs. The owner says she was duped. Hall says clients don't always pay on time, but she wouldn't leave them homeless.

"I'm a recovering addict. I'm 21 years in recovery. I give back what was so freely given to me. I give them support their own families weren't giving," Hall said.

David Harden owns the new house and he's proud of the amenities. From fresh carpeting and paint to the new heat pump. It's his pride and joy.

"My sons stuck with me last night. We got a lot accomplished…trim work, fixing the handles on the sinks so they don't drip," Harden told us. "I hope they enjoy this house as much as I have enjoyed renovating it."

"Oh. I love it. I love every bit of it," Brook said.

"This guy had a lot of problems with going in and out of jail but every time...I had a place for him. He loved the fact that I helped him," Hall added.

Hall says it's not a drug treatment facility, just life skills. She says three others who did not come with her, were set up with a different home, if they choose to go. No word on if the owner of the property they left will seek the four months back rent.

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