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Possible third victim in police impersonator robberies


A third person has come forward with a troubling story of how he was stopped and robbed by a man, pretending to be a police officer. The latest victim called 12 after seeing a crime alert on our NBC12 webpage, about two people pulled over and robbed Tuesday night by a fake cop. 

That happened around nine o'clock in two different areas along Jeff Davis Highway. This latest encounter with the fake cop happened Wednesday around 12:30 a.m. 

Police say the first two people Tuesday night were stopped by a man driving a white pickup truck. The latest victim tells us, he never saw a truck. He says the guy just walked up to him pretending to be a cop.  

He says a weird thing happened walking home from a friend's house near 5th and Grace Streets early Wednesday morning. 

"He had a medicine bottle. He offered me marijuana. I denied that. He continued to follow me about 2 or 3 blocks," said Craig. 

Craig asked us not to use his last name. He says he thought it was an undercover cop trying to get him to buy weed...he wasn't sure. The impersonator's next move, Craig says, was just as bizarre.   

"At that point he said, ‘do you have a few dollars for food?' When I said he was a police officer. He put my hands against the wall. He checked both my pockets," Craig told us. 

What's different though, Craig didn't see any vehicle, police or otherwise. The fake cop just walked up to him and stayed with him conversing as they walked several blocks. 

"Once he asked me for money for food and wouldn't show me a badge or any kind of identification, I pretty much thought in my mind that this wasn't a police officer," he said. 

Craig says he called police after seeing our web report and his description of the suspect matches what investigators put out to alert the public. 

"[He was] just about my height, white t-shirt. I noticed he had shorts on, cargo or khaki. He had short dreads down to his ears," Craig described. 

Unlike the two people pulled over on Jeff Davis Tuesday night, and robbed...Craig says nothing was stolen. The man apparently didn't want his cell phone. Richmond police are reminding us Virginia law enforcement use blue emergency lights, not white flashing lights as reported by the two earlier victims. 

Richmond police are concerned and want the person identified, stopped and charged. 

'We have a tough enough job as it is. We work real hard to provide the maximum amount of safety for the community of Richmond. This is just something that makes our job that much more difficult," said Richmond Police Captain Harvey Powers. 

Again, the suspect is described as a black male, about five-nine, wearing khaki shorts and a white shirt.

If you're pulled over or approached, by this impersonator, police say call 911 immediately and follow the dispatcher's instructions. If you know who's doing this and can help identify the robber, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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