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94-year-old Mechanicsville woman hurdles 12 downed trees to reach home


Dozens of downed trees are getting hauled off from one Mechanicsville lady's home, after Sunday night's severe storm slammed her house on Chamberlayne Road.

At least 30 trees fell around her property, three hitting her home, according to the tree removers.

Elizabeth Britton, 94, was determined to get back in her house as soon as possible, after the 65-mile-an-hour winds whipped through her home.

"It's frightening," said Mrs. Britton of the mangled trees covering her lawn.

Her driveway was piled high with limbs. Mrs. Britton couldn't reach her house after the storm. Her adult daughter waited inside helplessly for someone to help maneuver her out.

"My daughter was up here by herself, and I was frightened to death because there wasn't any way we could get down in here," continued Mrs. Britton.

A fireman, minister and two Dominion Power workers pitched in. The ladies bunked with a neighbor for the night.

The next day, Mrs. Britton hurdled over trunks to assess the damage.

"I put my foot over, and my leg, and sat on the trees and got my bottom all wet…That's the way I climbed over 12 trees," described Mrs. Britton, of her journey back into her home the next day.

The area next to Mrs. Britton's home was full of trees. However, a few months ago, the land was cleared. That left the trees closest to the house exposed, and more susceptible to wind damage.

"When you take a lot of their protection away, and you have these sheer winds that come through, you're going to have some downed trees," said Josh Thiel, of Mid-Atlantic Tree Service, the company working to clear Mrs. Britton's yard.

Thiel says his crew has a massive heap of work in front of them.

"We still have a lot of work cut out for us to get finished up. We've only been here a day," continued Thiel.

Mrs. Britton started organizing repairs immediately after the storm, and plans to remove more trees, so they won't hit her home in the future. Besides the mess in her yard, Mrs. Britton has two cracked windows and four holes in the roof. However, she's just happy to be home and safe.

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