June 6 RESTAURANT REPORT: food temperature issues

Two restaurants had problems keeping food at the right temperature on recent state health inspections. It's a critical violation because when proper temperatures aren't maintained, bacteria can grow. Here's this edition of the NBC12 Restaurant Report and what the restaurants did to correct the problems.

A health inspector found a temperature problem at New New Top's China at 3820 Mechanicsville Turnpike in Henrico. The report says fried rice was found on the wok line at 55 degrees and it needed to either be kept at least 135 degrees or 41 degrees. The inspector also noted an employee handled raw pork, then only rinsed their hands without using soap.

We talked with the owner by phone. The restaurant had everything fixed except for one critical and one non-critical violation on the follow-up inspection, and she told us they're working to fix that too.

An inspector also found a temperature issue at Pupuseria Mercedes at 4000 Meadowdale Boulevard, which had a total of six critical violations. The report says the rice with vegetables was not being kept hot enough. But that and the other violations were corrected. Pupuseria earned a perfect score on the follow-up inspection a week later.

Finally, in Richmond, China Dragon at 1110 West Main Street had 4 critical violations. Among them, food was stored on the floor or less than 6 inches from the floor, and that floors throughout the facility needed cleaning. The report shows that violations were corrected during the inspection.