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2 Ashland dogs in custody after family's cat mauled to death

Ida Ida

Two dogs are in custody in Ashland, after being accused of mauling a family's cat to death.

Mary Fisher-Sabatini couldn't hold back tears over her 16-year-old cat Ida, envisioning its agonizing death.

"She was viciously murdered at her home by animals that apparently the owners did not have control over," said Fisher-Sabatini, as tears rolled down her cheek. "She's never coming back."

Fisher-Sabatini says her next door neighbor saw the attack as it was going on, last Friday. That woman ran outside with a golf club, and was able to chase the dogs away. However, it was too late for Ida.

Another neighbor, Chelsea Normal, watched as Hanover County Animal Control took two dogs into custody, off Henry Clay Road.

"The dog was out front across the street, and I saw (its owner) catch him. Then, a few minutes later, a fire truck showed up, animal control," described Normal of the scene.

The Hanover County Sheriff's Office says both dogs have different owners. One of the animals lives across the street. Its owner says his dog wasn't involved, and has since hired a lawyer.

Meantime, Normal says she's watched the man's dog run loose before.

"We've had (the dog) in our yard a couple of times," continued Normal.

Hanover County Animal Control will keep both animals, until any vicious dog charges are pressed. A judge could order both dogs to be put down. However, Fisher-Sabatini wouldn't get solace from that.

"We've known her all of her life. Whatever happens to those animals is not going to bring Ida back," she said.

So far, both dog owners have been charged with not having their dogs on a leash. More serious charges could be pressed, once the medical report comes back on the cat's body.

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