Lost Dog: Have you seen Buddy?

Buddy is a 7 month old black and white German Shepherd mix.  He weighs approximately 34 pounds and looks lean and lanky.  He is mostly black with a white chest and white paws.  He has a little patch of white fur on his nose and chin.  His ears are pointy and stand up like a German Shepherd's.  He was wearing a lime green and black collar.  The collar has a tag with "Bud" and phone numbers on the back.  He was adopted a week and a half ago from the Henrico Humane Society, who have been alerted to his disappearance.  He is very skittish and shy but docile.  He went missing on May 22nd from the West End Manor neighborhood, near Huron and Springfield Roads.

If you have seen Buddy, please email Elaine Farrington or call (804)677-5821.