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Mechanicsville man, others join to help tornado victims


He's just one man who throws and annual Memorial Day party for family and friends, but this year, George Spreckelsen is asking friends to come with cash.

"I'm donating $50 myself," said Spreckelsen. "Out of my own pocket."

Spreckelsen saw the crushing coverage of children being pulled out of the twisted remains of an elementary school and knew he had to do something.

"They were trying to find people and all that," said Spreckelsen. "And then, when they said something about kids and school, I said…oh my God!"

So he decided that he would turn his party into a fundraiser.

"I figured you know I can't go out to Oklahoma and help them," Spreckelsen said. "I don't know anything about construction and I figured the best thing to do might be to help collect some money and help it out."

Red Cross officials say every dollar makes a difference.

"Every little bit counts. Whether it's $5 or $5,000, you know those resources we pull them together and make sure they get to the people who need it the most," said Jonathan McNamara, with the American Red Cross.

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