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Thieves use garage-door opener to break into Windsor Farms home


It was early in the morning, with the homeowners sound asleep inside – it's the latest in a series of burglaries in the Windsor Farms Neighborhood. 

In this case, police say entry was easy. It all began with an unlocked car. Police are always warning you to lock your cars. In this case, they say that unlocked car yielded a garage door opener, and from there -  the burglars just let themselves in. 

Cecile Myers knows how it feels. She's lived here for 17 years and has never had a problem with break-ins until now. Myers says someone walked into her unlocked pool house and stole from her just a few days ago. She has faith these guys won't get away scot-free. 

"We have a very active neighborhood chat and so people are out there and they're looking and they're watching," said Myers.  

She's one of dozens targeted recently.  According to police records, neighbors have reported 13 motor vehicle thefts and six burglaries in Windsor Farms just since April 30 - the most recent being an early-morning break-in on Banbury road around 3 a.m. Saturday.  

In this case, the thieves were able to get in through an unlocked door, pushed the button to the garage door. Once they got inside, they stole a wallet while the homeowners were sleeping. Police say the credit card from that wallet was used just around the corner at the 7- Eleven in Carytown. 

With the exception of this incident, police say most crimes are happening during the day when people aren't home. Lieutenant Michael Stith urges neighbors to be vigilant about setting their alarms and locking their doors – both to their home and cars - while also removing valuables and loose change.  

"It's like honey to a bee," said Lt. Stith they get attracted to change and they will look for a reason to get into your car." 

Police say neighbors should expect to see more police patrolling the next several weeks as they try to nab the thieves.  

"I'm very encouraged by the fact that the police seem to be working so hard on it and we know these people are going to be caught very soon," said Myers.  

If you recognize the men in the surveillance pictures, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 780-1000. 

Vacation season is coming up.  If you're going to be out of town, you can ask police to watch your home while you're gone. All you have to do is fill out a form and drop it off at the nearest precinct.

To find that form, click here.

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