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Bizarre Burglary: Dozens of potted plants stolen from Richmond home


Thieves, armed with green thumbs, are on the run after they stole two dozen potted plants from a Richmond man's front porch. 

It happened at a home on West Cary Street near Mulberry Street.

Chris Morano says he woke up Friday morning and what he found was shocking. Half of his front-porch garden was gone. Almost 30 plants, totaling around $150, were stolen.

"It wasn't an easy thing to do," says Morano. "The pots are so slippery and some of the planters were very heavy."

Morano speculates more than one person took part in the overnight burglary and he believes the thieves used a getaway truck.

He also says, the burglar or burglars had a green thumb because they actually walked around the garden, picked out exactly what they wanted, then snatched it.

Morano says, he had nothing exotic or worth a lot of money but he took a lot of time to care for the tomatoes, flowers and peppers that were stolen.

"It's the fact that they came in here and took what they wanted," said Morano. "I feel violated." 

Morano filed a police report with Richmond police. He says, Richmond officers plan to patrol his area Friday night to make sure the thieves don't come back for more.

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