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Hundreds of Bees at a Henrico Church


A Henrico church is buzzing with a big problem - hundreds of honey bees at the Four Mile Creek Baptist Church on New Market Road.

The bees swarm right near the church's daycare and one child has already been stung.

The daycare director called 12 after having no luck finding someone to safely remove the bees.

Church daycare director, Suzanne Ricks, said she's tried getting rid of the bees before.

"They come back every year, and we had somebody say we got the queen bee…a number of years ago, a gentleman came and carried out pieces of honeycomb, this big…you can see them swarming out this window right here," said Ricks.

As night falls, the bees are not as active but during the day:

"If it's hot...if you came back then, you would see hundreds, if not thousands," said Ricks.

Ricks just wants to keep the children from getting stung.

"We just don't want to take that chance, we really do need to get rid of them," she said.

Some much needed hope arrives and bee specialist, Paul Davis takes a look for himself.

"Wow, yeah, you've got them," said Davis.

He takes a closer look at what he says are the common Italian bees and then examines the walls.

"You can feel the heat of the colony there," he said.

According to Davis, this isn't a quick fix.

"They're probably going to be in one contained stud bay around 6 feet," he said.

That's hundreds of pounds of honey for one colony each year and he'll have to come back with more men and the proper equipment.

It'll be a whole day's work to safely remove the bees. Ricks is hoping she'll get to collect some of that honey from the bees. We'll keep you posted and let you know just how much honey comes out.

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