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School officials totaling cost of damage following flood

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Clean-up continues after a student's actions set off a sprinkler at Chesterfield's Cosby High School. The incident happened in the middle of some major tests students are taking. Now, officials are discussing how to replace student belongings damaged in the flood.

"Water just started spraying everywhere….He was just playing with a toy and the substitute told him to put it away and he didn't," said student Lexi Carter.

One student's actions, playing with a remote control airplane, set off a sprinkler leaving an inch of water on the second floor of Cosby High's east wing while hundreds of students were testing. Everyone was told to get up and get out.

"She said whenever we get out, don't talk about the test…I had to re-take it today, like re-start it all over," said student Allyssa Boone.

School officials said the impact on SOL and AP testing was minimized by staff and good behavior of students. Now the school is working with the state and the College Board about the testing disruption. They're also working to assess the damage of student's personal belongings and finalize who will pay.

"They were getting their stuff back today in trash bags," said student Hannah Gohl.

ServPro of Chesterfield was called to the school to clean up the water.

"If you're dealing with water damage, you're going to have a lot of drying equipment pieces brought in - Dehumidifiers, air movers," Robert Morgan said.

He says in situations like these, it's an ongoing process.

"Usually 4 or 5 days to dry out a structure," Morgan said.

"It was like brown and dirty looking," student Dainiella Mill said describing the water.

School officials say due to student privacy, they cannot release whether any disciplinary action was taken.

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