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Group wants Tsarnaev's body removed from VA cemetery

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Controversy escalates over the burial of a Boston bombing suspect in Doswell. An activist group is now calling for the body to be removed and the Sheriff says he's frustrated with authorities in Massachusetts.

At the Al Barzakh Cemetery where Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body is buried, there are No Trespassing signs surrounding the roped off entrance. While owners stand by their decision to bury Tsarnaev, there are renewed efforts to have his body sent elsewhere.

"They should let them know the community doesn't want him there and it's in their best interest and everyone's best interest to disinter this body and move it to someplace else," said James Lafferty with the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force.

The activist group is using strong words to make their stance clear.

"Either ship it to another country that agrees with the sort of stuff that he does or allow one of the many people who stepped forward and offered to bury him at sea to do just that," Lafferty said.

He says he's in touch with Caroline County officials who feel the same, but he says they're worried that there is no ground to take action since it appears Tsarnaev's body was buried there legally.

"What concerns me is some people may cause problems," said Mary Lou Collier while having lunch.

At the Courthouse Cafe, news of the latest controversy was at the center of table talk.

"I don't think it's right that they shipped him all the way here to do it but I can't say he shouldn't be buried somewhere," said Troy Mouser.

Meantime, Sheriff Tony Lippa said Monday he's annoyed fellow law enforcement in Massachusetts didn't have the courtesy to alert him or his counterparts the body was coming to Doswell.

"Considering all of the outrage, do you have any regrets?" we asked cemetery owners.

"No not at all. The only regret that I would have is that he was not buried sooner," said Bukhari Abdel-Alim.

It's a fact one activist group is fighting to reverse.

Cemetery owners say they are not concerned about security.

"There are some things in place," one of the owners told NBC 12 before closing the door to his home.

Sheriff Lippa says Caroline and Hanover deputies teamed to help provide extra patrols near the grave site over the weekend, but he says the county doesn't have enough resources to continue that extra security.

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