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Cemetery neighbors worry people will target grave, neighborhood

A flimsy barricade and 'no trespassing' sign are the only things preventing anyone from traveling the few hundred feet to where Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is now buried. Owners of Al-Barzakh cemetery have asked the community and police to guard his freshly dug grave.

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office and Virginia State Police are being tight-lipped about security plans for the burial site, if there are any. While NBC12 was there, there were no officers patrolling the area.

Dr. Safwad Aemed helped facilitate the burial and says, the decision to bring Tsarnaev to Virginia wasn't easy but believes everyone deserves to be buried.

"We can have our opinion and feeling about it," he said. "We hate that, we don't like what happened. But we do whatever we can do for humanity. This person is a human being."

Fellow Muslims have asked Aemed why Tsarnaev is here. He says, his door is always open to answer to anyone that approves or doesn't.

One neighbor says she doesn't approve. She's frightened someone will desecrate the grave, or worse.

"What if something does happen?" Neighbor Gwen Green said. "I have never been afraid to come home or anything like that until now."

So far, there's been no sign of anything threatening, just lots of curiosity.

The no trespassing sign will be posted from sunset to sunrise but it hasn't kept curious passersby away. They were driving by the cemetery all night hoping to catch a glimpse of what's inside.

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