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West paramedic arrested for possessing pipe bomb components

A paramedic who helped evacuate people on the night of the deadly fertilizer plant explosion in the town of West, Texas has been arrested.

Court documents show that Bryce Ashley Reed was arrested for possessing the components commonly used in the making of pipe bombs.

The McLennan County Sheriff's office says Reed's charges are not connected to the explosion. At the same time of that announcement Friday morning, the McLennan County Sheriff's Office and Texas Rangers announced they are opening a criminal investigation into that plant explosion.

The court documents say Reed is accused of gathering the makings of a pipe bomb then passing them off to someone else. According to those documents, a resident in Abbott, about 10 minutes north of West, called authorities on April 26 saying they had unintentionally taken possession of the components of a pipe bomb from Bryce Reed.

Those items included galvanized metal pipe with end caps, hobby fuse, a lighter, a digital scale, plastic spoon, coils of metal ribbon, and several pounds of assorted chemical powders. ATF agents examined the items and determined that they could be used to quickly assembly a destructive device.

A quick search of Bryce Reed's name will show he spoke with multiple media outlets in the days after the explosion. One interview he did live with CNN is particularly emotional.

"Whenever you are at the worst time in your life that nobody can understand, and you're in the one place that means everything to you, you realize that the entire world takes a pause to say, 'We're sorry and is there anything we can do to help?' ...it makes us humble and grateful," said Reed in an interview on April 18, 2013 with Anderson Cooper.

In that same interview, Bryce Reed went on to tell Anderson Cooper that he knew he lost many close friends and colleagues in the explosion but still didn't know how many. He said his house was destroyed leaving his daughter's room in glass fragments. He also said his phone has been ringing off the hook with people from all over the world offering support.

"Nobody could have seen this coming. There was no way. Nobody," said Reed on April 18.

On Reed's Facebook page, he appears to be defending himself and his decision to speak with the media. He posts, "I'll say it again, I have not received one cent for anything that I did to help with this situation." In that same post, Reed goes on to say his brother died, his wife left him and he was lost in his emotions.

On Wednesday, Reed posted that he was going to take a break from Facebook so he could reflect.

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