MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Namebrand vs generic - tuna

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The battle of generic verses brand name goes on! Today, we're testing tuna to find out which can has the best value.

There's a lot of competition in world of canned tuna. I found three name brands - Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea and Starkist. Generic versions can be found at Kroger, Martin's, Food Lion and Walmart.

These cans all look the same. Each weighs five ounces, has a two-ounce serving size with two servings per can. The variation comes in price. The cheapest is Food Lion - it's 73 cents. Bumble Bee tuna was almost twice as much at $1.39.

I opened the cans, letting the liquid drain out of all of them for half an hour. Then I opened them all the way, firmly pressing out every drop of water.

You can see there's a difference in the amount of liquid in these cans. The brand with the least water comes from Martin's - only one and a half ounces. Three brands had just a little more with 1.6 ounces - Food Lion, Kroger and Chicken of the Sea. Starkist weighed 1.7. Then the big jump - Walmart had 2.2 ounces of water, but the one with the most was packed by Bumble Bee - it's five-ounce can was 2.3 ounces of fluid!

Now to weigh the tuna. The brands with more water had less meat. Walmart and Bumble Bee only have 2.8 ounces of actual fish. Starkist did a little better, with 3.2 ounces. Chicken of the Sea and Kroger had 3.5. Food Lion's tuna weight is 3.6. The one with the most actual product came from Martin's. You get 3.7 ounces of tuna in one can.

When you factor in cost, there is a huge difference in the price per ounce. It's your choice to pay 50 cents an ounce buying Bumble Bee tuna or 20 cents an ounce for Food Lion's brand.

An interesting note, each can's label states it has two servings per container, with each serving consisting of two ounces of tuna. Not one of the brands tested had the four ounces the label claimed.

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