NBC12 VIEWPOINT: Mother's Day

By: Kym Grinnage email

Yes, it's Mother's Day:

How can you get it wrong when you take the time to say, hello my darling and Happy Mother's Day?

There is no way to forget it; you can't make a mistake, because on Mother's Day anything you give, she will certainly take.

You can't buy a gift too big or to small because on Mother's Day they appreciate it all.

You start when you are young and you do it until you are old, because to any mother it just never gets old.

Some mothers are short, some mothers are tall, they come in all sizes lovely and all.

They are there when we need them and when we do not, because that's why they're mothers, always Mrs. Johnnie on the spot.

My wife is a mom and probably yours too, don't forget her on Sunday or that day you will rue.

So remind your children and your siblings too that this is Mom's day and Grandma's too.

So I will leave you with this and it comes from my heart.

When we were young, we learned from the start, that mom was a queen and our first sweetheart.

So to all of the mothers in Central VA, have a great Sunday and Happy Mother's Day!

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