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Accuser of Gov. McDonnell's former top aide "tired of living in fear"

The woman accusing one of Governor Bob McDonnell's former top aides of assault - is speaking out.

Summer Hudson says she has lived in fear of Washington Redskin's attorney Eric Finkbeiner for too long.

"When you are having to look over your shoulder all the time," said Summer Hudson. "It is just scary."

Hudson spoke to NBC 12 with her attorney by her side. Eric Finkbeiner, the former senior advisor for policy to Governor Bob McDonnell and the architect of the administration's failed effort to privatize the state's ABC stores, has been arrested on four different assault charges and three violations of a protective order.

"I'm tired of living in fear for such a long time," said Hudson. "Nobody wants to go through any type of situations of this sort."

Criminal complaints include a text message exchange in which Finkbeiner allegedly tells Hudson, "You are absolutely nothing and I pray for your painful and agonizing death."

On May 12, 2012 Hudson claims, "My arm and shoulder were in the door, and Eric kept slamming it on my arm."

"This young lady has brought to me probably more pictures, more text messages, more than any 3 clients put together," said Hudson's attorney George Edwards. "I would say the record speaks for itself. Ms. Hudson stopped in our office the other day completely distraught."

Finkbeiner is being represented by Todd Stone, who says his client is not guilty of the charges.

"Were you surprised by the charges?" we asked Stone.

"I am surprised that they came at this late stage," said Stone who notes the charges date back to May, October, and November of 2012. Our cameras were rolling when Stone called to notify Hudson they would be filing charges against her as well.

"Mr. Finkbeiner didn't do anything wrong," said Stone. "He didn't break any laws, and he's got I think good evidence to support that. There are charges going both ways, and we'll see when the evidence comes out in court."

Finkbeiner is due in court on June 20th. Finkbeiner served in both the Wilder and Allen administrations before joining McGuireWoods Consulting. He is an attorney who served as executive director of Governor Allen's Commission on Parole Abolition and Sentencing Reform and advised Governor Allen on transportation, environmental, and anti-crime issues. Finkbeiner also served as communications director for Governor Douglas Wilder's Task Force on Violent Crime.

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