Hey it's Sabrina,

Organizers of Richmond's first ever Adult Film Expo are running into a roadblock.   The North Boulevard Hotel where the June "Sexpo" is set to take place reportedly wants out of the deal.  Tonight at 11, we've got the latest on the controversy and we'll hear  from some of the stars of this year's show.

Are you a phone user who likes to go outside to walk and talk?  Be aware of your surroundings when you're on the cell phone.  We have details on some snatch and run phone thefts downtown.

Plus a Hanover County man says authorities are trying to rip apart his family.  He's been raising six chimps on his farm in Mechanicsville for decades, but now County leaders say they've got to go.  We'll  tell you what happened at tonight's public hearing when you join us at 11.