Prepare for more Rain Today

Good morning it's Gray. Here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today.

Some of you may run into fog this morning on the way to work and expect more rain today. Some spots could even get hit with hail! Andrew is tracking the latest on the forecast and will help you plan your day.

Just in time for your morning commute. A section of Shady Grove Road, crossing the Chickahominy River, is back open right now. It was closed late last night due to the heavy rain.

Primate problems plague a Hanover County man. The county wants four of his six chimpanzees, gone. But the man is fighting to keep his primates. He says all of his state and federal permits are in order.

This morning we expect to learn more about raises on the way for Richmond Police Officers and Firefighters. The city council will put the two and a half percent raises into a budget amendment for next year. This comes after five years without any pay increases.

Also this morning, we're learning more about the men arrested in connection with the missing women found in Ohio and there are new details about how they were associated with one of the women.

Join us for these stories and more, plus Breaking News as it happens on 12 News Today from 4:30-7am.