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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you shop online, be warned not every site is legit. There is a warning from the Better Business Bureau about a site claiming to offer deep discounts. The site is Overstock Clearance Outlet dot com. Please don't be confused by the name, there is a legitimate website called Overstock dot com. The two are in no way connected.

The warning is with Overstock Clearance Outlet Dot com. It claims 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed and says it has an "A"rating with the BBB. The consumer advocate organization says don't be fooled. It says the company has an "F" rating for numerous reasons, including advertising, sales and delivery issues.

This site was brought to our attention when a viewer sent an email. She says she stumbled on the site on Craigslist and immediately, red flags went up and she wanted to warn others. Some of the reasons for concern; there was no contact phone number, business address, and the site encourages customers to use a Green Dot Moneypak Card, which is a re-loadable prepaid card. If you pay with one of the cards, there is no way to get your money back if you don't get what you ordered.

The BBB says there is no sufficient background information on the site. Most consumers say they came across it through Craigslist. We checked, the original Ad has been taken down. Craigslist warns consumers that scammers target its site and provides ways you can avoid being fooled. When it comes Over Stock Clearance Outlet Dot com, the BBB calls the site a complete fraud and urges extreme caution.

Email, appears the only way to contact the company, we tired several times and never received a response. If you are shopping online, do your research and make sure the company is legit before you give up your cash. The BBB says keep in mind, many times these fraudulent sites will make slight changes to the name as consumers get word of the deception. Already, Overstock Clearance Outlet, has used the name Overstock Clearance Center.

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