MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Namebrand vs generic - green beans

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 is on your side, helping you score the best deals on groceries. Last week, it was peaches. This week - green beans.

I bought six different brands of green beans. Del Monte and Green Giant are name brand. The generics come from Kroger, Martins, Food Lion and Walmart.

According to the labels, each of these cans is identical in serving size and servings per can. Same ingredients too - green beans, water and salt. Martin's and Food Lion were the cheapest - both cost $0.67. Del Monte is almost 50 % more expensive at $0.98.

I carefully pour the liquid out of each can. Every brand fills a cup with the canning liquid. These may look the same, but they're not. The difference is the weight of the fluid.

Two brands tie for the least amount of salt water: Martin's and Food Lion both weighed 6.7 ounces and the rest inched up from there. Kroger had 6.8, Del Monte 7.2. Walmart's was slightly more at 7.3 but the brand with the most liquid was made by Green Giant. It has 7.4 ounces of water, almost half the can's total weight.

Now I weigh the beans themselves. Kroger's green beans were the lightest - you only get 7.2 ounces of beans in that 14 and a half ounce can. The name brands had a little more, 7.4 for Green Giant, 7.7 for Del Monte. Generics from Food Lion and Walmart did even better - 7.9.

But the brand with the most green beans in the can came from Martin's. You get 8.3 ounces of actual product in one can.

When you break it down, you're paying more per ounce for the name brands. Green Giant is 12 cents an ounce, Del Monte 13! It's a tie for the best value. Martin's and Food Lion only cost 8 cents per ounce.

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