NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The November Elections: It's time to pay attention

By: Kym Grinnage email

November may seem like it's far away, but Election Day is on November 5 and it is closer than you think. So what is at stake in the next election cycle?

You will be electing a new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, 100 House Delegates, Commonwealth's Attorney, Boards of Supervisors and the list goes on. So in other words, we have lots of work to do in Central Virginia between now and Election Day.

Although this is an off year for most of the country, it is one of the most important years for the state of Virginia. In addition to electing our next governor, the other local and statewide candidates that we elect in November will help shape our quality of life for the next decade.

So what issues are on the table: Transportation, Freedom of Speech, Education Reform, Women's Issues, States Rights, Gun Control, Regional cooperation and that's  just to name a few.

It's now time to pay close attention to what you see, hear and read about in reference to all of the candidates. Attend public forums and get to know them. Visit their websites and understand their positions. Make it your business to learn as much as you can about all of the candidates and not just the ones you think you prefer. And when it's your time to choose, you will choose based on an informed decision.

The political season is not over the horizon, it has begun in earnest.

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