12 INVESTIGATES: Stolen cars in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's the worst feeling. You walk outside your home and your driveway is empty. Your car? Gone. Thieves sped away with more than 550 vehicles in the city of Richmond last year.

The Honda Accord was the most stolen car in the city last year. The Chevy Impala came in second - a shock to Impala owner Laqwesha Cox.

"I just hope my car don't be stolen," said Cox. "That's all I can say."

Cox lives in Richmond's Fan district, a neighborhood targeted more than any other in the city. 23 cars were stolen in the Fan last year. A Toyota Rav 4 was stolen in the 2400 block of West Main Street, along with six other cars in just a four block radius.

The Blackwell community comes in at number 2. Ginter Park is the third most popular place with thieves. 16 cars were taken, including a Mercedes, a Lexus, Ford Explorer, and a Thunderbird.

In Manchester, five cars were stolen off the same street - Decatur.

Sometimes it's stupidity. People stop by a store and leaving their car running in the parking lot. Police say that's an easy target.

Other times, cars are taken right in front of homes. Police say it's a crime that can be stopped because it takes time.

"That breaking the glass, jimmying the ignition and starter - that takes a while," said Richmond  Police Major Steve Drew.

He says the crooks select their targets carefully.

"A lot of times, individuals won't come up and just see the first car they hit it. They walk up and down the street. They look around to see who's watching," said Major Drew.

Neighbors can really look out for each other - report suspicious behavior to police.

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