May 2 RESTAURANT REPORT: restaurant replaces manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - No one wants to hear about rodents in a restaurant. When an inspector reported finding rodent droppings in a popular fish store and restaurant, the owners replaced the manager.

Cameron's Seafood Market, 2311 West Broad Street in Richmond, is known for fresh seafood.

"There's nobody in the area that can offer the same quality seafood," said new manager Jose Azuahe.

What's Cameron's is not known for are critical violations on health inspections. So after it had 5 critical violations, we went in and asked about one of them: rodent droppings on boxed goods on shelves in the dry storage area.

Azuahe told us he was just transferred from a Cameron's Seafood Market in Maryland to turn things around. He told us he's addressed the rodent problem. "I actually called the company, the pest control. I spoke with the person that's coming, they take care of it every week."

He says the rodent problem is resolved and he's retraining staff to maintain proper food temperatures and do things right. "They have to be taught the proper way. We have to work with them. That's why I'm here right now, to correct whatever happened before," said Azuahe.

He says you can count on Cameron's for better health inspections now. "We try to do a better job," he assured us.

In Henrico, China King Chinese Restaurant at 4362 South Laburnum Avenue had 5 critical violations. The report says wings and fried rice were sitting at improper temperatures. But everything was cleaned up for a perfect score on a follow-up inspection two weeks later.

Inspectors haven't been finding any problems at Chipotle Mexican Grill at 1070 Virginia Center Parkway in Henrico. This restaurant wins the NBC12 Hall of Fame Award after a year of excellent inspections.