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Police on status of Pastor G allegations


The Richmond Police Department is speaking out about a cloud of speculation surrounding a pastor involved in its faith based program. 

Despite the allegations that became so public this week against Pastor Geronimo Aguilar of The ROC church in Richmond, police confirmed Wednesday they don't have an active complaint or investigation against the pastor. They want to make it clear they don't investigate based on speculation.

Protestors set up shop outside The ROC or Richmond Outreach Center this week. They were trying to send a message about Pastor Aguilar or Pastor G, as he's known throughout the community.  The signs they displayed detail accusations of sex with underage girls, adultery and embezzlement.

The popular leader of the church is well-known on the streets of Richmond. He is a pillar in the program that partners faith-based organizations and the police department. It reaches populations of Richmonders, which the men and women in uniform can't necessarily affect.

NBC12 interviewed him about the program back in November at a community event.

"It's not a north side problem," he said. "It's not a south side problem. It's not a Christian problem. It's not a Muslim problem. It's all of our problems; all of us coming together is what will make the difference."

Wednesday, Richmond Police Major Steve Drew said Pastor G's relationship with RPD or his role in the faith based program will not prevent police from looking into allegations of any wrongdoing

"Associations make no difference," he explained. "We're going to investigate that case from start to finish, who you're associated with, who you are we treat everybody equal."

Currently, Drew says there is no active complaint or investigation.

Police confirmed Wednesday, they investigated a complaint against Pastor G more than a year ago but wouldn't elaborate on what it was. They say they consulted with the commonwealth's attorney and decided it wasn't information that would produce a charge or indictment. Pastor G was never charged.

NBC12 asked Drew what would happen to the relationship between the church and RPD if an allegation was proven.

"We're going to face it, go through it and investigate it and where that ends it ends," he maintained. "It is what it is."

We reached out to Pastor G for comment. He says he's consulting his advisors and may speak later.

He posted this message to his followers: "I have received support from hundreds of friends across the country and your belief in me has meant everything to me and my family. You are all worth fighting for and because of you, my ROC family and friends, I will keep pressing on."

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