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Creepy Richmond cab ride ends with driver fired


A Richmond woman claims she was the victim of a creepy cab ride. The taxi company is now taking action.

"I was scared," sad Alison Renahan. "I was nervous. I didn't know what to do."

Napoleon Taxi is reviewing video of that Saturday night ride and promising big changes after admitting one of their drivers broke the law.

Alison took to Facebook declaring, "Richmond ladies-be cautious! Don't use Napoleon taxi."

Renahan claims the driver picked up a second person during her trip and that man - a stranger - touched her leg inappropriately; moments later, the cab pulled up to her front door.

"I was very uncomfortable," said Renahan. "I told the driver that I didn't agree to that, and I was forced into that situation anyway and my safety was really compromised."

We went straight to the president of Napoleon Taxi.

"So what happens with that driver?" we asked company president Jonathan Trainum.

"The driver is terminated," replied Trainum.

Trainum showed us how they track each cab and says Allison missed her initial ride. The driver circled back around to grab her while in route to another customer.

"On the surface I think there was a horrible mistake made and a young lady was impacted negatively, and it was our companies fault," said Trainum. "The law is if you are the passenger you have the right to decide if a second passenger is allowed to ride or not. It is completely up to you."

Sec. 21-145. - Carrying more than one passenger in taxicab.

No person other than the first person taken into a taxicab for transportation shall be allowed to enter the taxicab except upon the direction of the first

person so taken into the cab, and the certificate holder shall not authorize or permit the driver of the taxicab or any other person to request, nor shall the

driver or any other person request, the first person taken into a taxicab for transportation to allow any other to be transported in the taxicab. Should the first

person taken into a taxicab for transportation direct the driver to allow another to be transported in the taxicab, the first person so taken into the taxicab shall

be liable for the payment of the fare for the transportation of all persons transported at the rates prescribed in section 21-139(b), unless otherwise agreed upon by the driver and any one or all of the persons transported in the taxicab.

(Code 1980, § 20.2-12; Code 1995, § 21-130)

Lawyers are withholding video of the actual ride for privacy reasons, but they say there is no evidence of sexual assault.

Alison admits she had a few drinks.

"So I honestly don't remember the conversation we had," said Alison.

The Facebook post has been removed, but this has all exposed a valuable lesson about commuter rights.

"I'm sorry that someone had to lose their job over it," said Alison. "But I'm also sorry that he compromised my safety in the first place."

Richmond Police confirm they are investigating. Alison says she will use the cab company again. Trainum says he is offering Alison's next ride free of charge.

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