Moonshine arrests spark Facebook debate

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Social media lit up over a story involving the arrest of two men for their roles in a moonshine ring.

A post of the picture of the confiscated moonshine and related story on the NBC12 News Facebook page had people chiming in.

Not everyone was on the side of the Virginia ABC.

Kelly R Kilbourne wrote, "Rather see a moonshine ring, than a meth lab"

Andrea Huff agreed, saying, "Moonshine should not be illegal. Just another way for the government to have more power over the people. Heck. George Washington used to make it."

Brian Stevens chimed in, posting, "Government just upset they did not get their share of money. Greed is a nasty thing. What a waste of tax payers money! Leave these old men alone!"

The Chesterfield man arrested is 76-years-old.

Beth Stanley Wilson wrote, "$510 from a senior citizen selling homemade whatever. It's an artisan craft, just like knitting and crochet. Watch out granny, the tax man cometh after you next, better hide your apple butter and apple pies."

The debate continues on the NBC12 News Facebook page. Like the  page and join the conversation.

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