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Thieves steal car and other items after neighbors leave cars unlocked


People living in one Varina neighborhood thought they'd moved out of the city to get away from crime. But crime seems to have followed them!

Somebody got into a number of cars on streets just off Darbytown Road in the Midview Woods neighborhood.

The victims all live within walking distance of each other. Police say the victims all had one thing in common: there car doors were unlocked.

The even took Katelyn Nisewonger's car! She lives at a home on the 6400 block of Midview Road. She just moved back home two weeks ago and had finished paying off the car, but in the middle of the night somebody stole it!

"That was scary knowing that they were right here and we're right there," she said.

But she's isn't the only victim. Henrico Police say three more cars were robbed near Nisewonger's home including her neighbors across the street, a car on Fawcett Lane and a third on Mallicotte Court. The thieves took whatever was inside, including money, credit cards and even an iPod.

"It makes me mad," said Landon Haw whose girlfriend was a victim. Her family says they've been here 17 years and didn't have problems like this in the past. 

"You think you're getting away from the crime but a couple weeks ago we had our bikes stolen," said Haw.

And how did the thieves get away with stealing Nisewonger's car?

"I actually had a spare key in my car and they took it!" she said. "It was in a little lock box that was under my passenger side seat."

According to police, there has been a spike county wide when it comes to larcenies with 6,660 incidents last year.

But police say something as simple as locking your door can prevent you from becoming a victim.

It's something Nisewonger and her neighbors wished they had done.

According to the most recent neighborhood watch newsletter, since January, there have been about 450 larcenies in Varina.

Nisewonger's missing car is a gold Dodge Intrepid. Police did not release a description of the suspect.

The district is holding a community meeting at the Varina Library on May 1 at 6:30 p.m. The community officer will be there.

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