Crime Alert: Eastern Henrico

Good morning it's Gray. Here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today.

New this morning, a man convicted in the shooting death of an Atlee High School student is now facing new charges.

We have a crime alert for people in Eastern Henrico. People in Varina are waking up to learn that thieves are targeting cars parked in front of their homes. We will share some important safety tips.

The FBI has collected DNA from Tamerlan Tsarnaev's wife to see if it matches DNA found on one of the bombs used in Boston.

The U.S. and South Korea have wrapped up their joint military operations two months after the drills began. The US and South Korea insist the drills are defensive in nature and they have no intention of invading the North.

This morning, support is pouring in for NBC vet Jason Collins after he announced that he is gay.

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