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Midlothian man credits the power of prayer in saving his life


We often hear about the power of prayer, but one Midlothian man claims he is living proof that it works.

Maurice J. Robinson's brain was attacked by encephalitis, an affliction that kills almost every adult impacted by it. But Robinson is still alive and there is no medical explanation to his survival.

Before January of 2002, Robinson led a pretty simple life. He had a beautiful family and worked hard as an accountant at CSX railroad.

"I went to work all the time," said Robinson. "Even vacations, I worked."

He sang in his church choir outside of Jacksonville.

"I never sang until I went to Florida."

But everything changed one day in 2002, when Robinson came down with a headache that progressed to something much worse.

"They knew almost immediately that I was in pretty bad shape," he said. "I don't even remember those couple days."

His brain was under attack by the deadly disease encephalitis. And here is something you should know about encephalitis - it is not something you recover from.

"If you ever look it up with adults having this," said Robinson, "they don't live."

They. Don't. Live.

That is when this story becomes less about Robinson, and more about the people who love him.

"I wasn't in Heaven, I didn't see God like some other books," he said.

No, for eight days, Robinson doesn't remember a thing, but what he quickly learned was that his family and friends were very busy.

"They had everybody praying and hoping that I would get better. I think it had something to do with it," he said. "Because I couldn't do it, I was unconscious."

And then, miraculously he emerged from his coma, but he wasn't getting better. He and his wife were forced to decide if he should have a dangerous surgery that, at worst, would kill him and, at best, leave him alive, but severely disabled.

That is when Robinson believes God delivered his third miracle. A spinal tap, which had until this point revealed cloudy, unhealthy fluid, revealed something much different. It was clear. Recovery was possible.

Robinson credits those powerful prayers.

"Everybody around me was trying to help me and do something for me."

He now leads a healthy life but still has headaches and issues with his memory. Writing helps keep him fresh, and gives him the chance to share a message he believes saved his life.

"There is always a way," he said "And spiritually is kind of the way I think."

At least for Robinson, the way that kept him from a certain death.

And just how rare is it for an adult to survive encephalitis? When Robinson returned to the Richmond area to continue his recovery, the only doctor in the area that knew how to help him only treated children.

Learn more about Maurice's book: "Life after Death Threatened: How Prayer Brought Back My Life"

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