MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Namebrand vs generic - peaches

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 goes the distance to find the real difference between name brand and generic products.

Every time you're in the grocery store, you have to choose: buy the name brand and pay more or save with the generic. I wanted to see if there was any difference in the amount of actual product you get.

I'm comparing six different brands of peaches. Del Monte and Libby are the name brands. Kroger, Martin's, Food Lion and Walmart all have their own version.

According to the labels, each of these cans is identical in serving size, servings per container and ingredients. What differs is the price. The cheapest peaches come from Walmart - they're $0.98. Del Monte is the most expensive at $1.38.

I carefully pour all the liquid out of each can and set aside the peaches. I weigh each cup of liquid, subtracting the weight of the cup itself.

Libby and Kroger had the least - 5.2 ounces. Martin's and Food Lion had a little more - 5.8. Walmart's weight of 6 ounces was more than the first four.

But there's an obvious heavyweight here.

There's clearly more liquid in the Del Monte cup. The scale confirms you're getting 7.6 ounces of fluid in a Del Monte can of peaches.

Next, I weigh the peaches. The one with the most liquid has the least peach content; Del Monte only had 9.3 ounces of fruit. Food Lion is 10.1, Libby and Kroger 10.2. Martin's had much more with 10.9, but the can with the most fruit came from Walmart. It has 11 ounces of peaches.

In the end, you're paying $0.11 an ounce for the Libby can, $0.15 for Del Monte! Walmart peaches are the best value, costing only $0.09 per ounce.

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