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Flyer sent to Fan residents urges Boy Scouts to stay "morally straight"


A flyer that says "Keep Scouts morally straight" is creating a lot of buzz in the Fan. At the bottom is the Boy Scouts of America e-mail and phone number. Some are calling it homophobic.

Word is spreading like wildfire on several Richmond blogs: an anti-gay flyer is being left in people's mail boxes in the Fan. 

Those who have received the flyer say it's a play on words: it's meant to encourage folks to call the Boy Scouts of America and ask that homosexuals be kept out. 

"When we start saying that some people are acceptable and others are unacceptable, we create a society that's a dangerous place," said Pastor Robin Gorsline. 

Gorsline is pastor of Metropolitan Community Church - a gay-friendly church in the Fan. He says, while everyone can voice their opinion - the way this voice is speaking out - is counterproductive. 

"How do we create dialogue when people won't come out and talk about what they believe," he said. 

The flyer is primarily being passed around in the upper Fan. While some residents we spoke to were horrified by it, others say, it's a strategic move on the part of the distributor. 

Ari Weiss lives in the Fan and says, with so many VCU students here, the flyer hits its target audience. 

"What it is, is people trying to get their word out. They know kids, students are very influential so they think if they can target this young generation that will get their word across," said Weiss. 

While the message and the person behind it isn't completely clear - what is: the flyers aren't wanted by most who have received them. 

Right now, the Boy Scouts of America is deciding whether to lift the 100-year-old ban on allowing young gays into their organization while still excluding adult homosexuals. 

The only contact information on it is for Chief Boy Scout, Wayne Brock. NBC12 called the number and it goes to voice mail. We also sent an email but haven't heard back.

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