April 25 RESTAURANT REPORT: Upscale hotel corrects critical violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A restaurant you might not expect is on the NBC12 critical list. An upscale hotel had 4 critical violations on a recent health inspection.

It's The Berkeley Hotel at the corner of 12th and East Cary Streets in Richmond. An inspector wrote that among its 4 critical violations was that some food was not being kept cold enough, and the meat slicer was soiled to sight and touch. The report shows violations were corrected during the inspection. When we asked the manager about it, he sent us the following statement:

"The Berkeley Hotel is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all guests. Since our opening, the hotel has consistently provided a quality dining experience and has abided and surpassed all city, county and federal safety and health codes. We passed our recent March 15th Health Inspection and appreciate the City's commitment to ensuring food safety through this inspection process. We are proud of our record for cleanliness, safe food preparations and dining service."

Seven critical violations were found during an state inspection of Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet at 4338 South Laburnum Avenue. Among them, the report says spring rolls, meatballs, and stuffed crab were all sitting out well below the required 135 degrees. Teppanyaki then had 3 critical violations on the follow-up inspection, including that the length of time food was sitting on the buffet was not being tracked.

When we dropped by, staff told us the manager was out. We left a message but have not yet heard back.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Sally Bell's Kitchen, 1015 East Clay in Richmond. Featured in national magazines, Sally Bell's specializes in boxed lunches and cupcakes. It has aced 5 health inspections and hasn't had a critical in two years.