Airlines offer waivers to people flying in and out of Boston

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Some airlines are taking the situation in Boston seriously - even letting travelers change their flights if they're heading to or from Boston. JetBlue and US Airways - the only Richmond to Boston non-stop airlines - are offering waivers for people to change their flights.

NBC12 spoke to some people coming in from Boston Friday. They say they were on a full flight and they didn't have to change their travel plans, but they were glad to have the option to change their plans without any consequence if they needed to.

Larry McReynolds and his wife are just glad they made it from Boston to Richmond.

"In the morning when we got up, we thought the airport would be closed then we read on the news it was still open," said McReynolds. "The only police presence we saw was entering the airport there's a place where it diverges and goes across the Ted Williams Tunnel and there are police all over the thing - once we got into the airport everything was normal."

McReynolds says Logan International Airport seemed safe, secure and busy as usual. For people who didn't want to travel Friday - some airlines offered alternatives.

JetBlue and US Airways are the only airlines that offer direct flights from Richmond to Boston - and they're letting people reschedule without a fee for a limited time.

Both airlines say travelers are taking advantage of the opportunity without creating delays or cancellations elsewhere.

31 flights come in and out of Boston each day so many can only imagine the appreciation some people feel if they want to change their flights without having to pay that extra fee.