HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Two restaurants are totally new to being on the critical list this week and one restaurant has gone from the critical list, to the Hall of Fame for perfect scores. Here's what went wrong and what the restaurants did about it in this edition of the Restaurant Report.

At the Sandstonian, 400 West Williamsburg Road in Sandston, they say it's all about the food.

"Family owned, operated, traditional, American fare, come on in. Kitchen's wide open," said Richard Annunziata with the Sandstonian.

That kitchen usually passes inspection with pretty good scores. But last time, it had 4 critical violations.  The report says potatoes in a closed container in the refrigerator were too warm.

"We had stuck it in the fridge and left the lid on it. If it had been unadjacent or whatever the word was with a slight crack, maybe the temperature would have come down quicker," he said.

Annunziata says that and other violations were fixed on the spot, including cheese sitting on top of containers, and a worker cutting tomatoes without gloves.

"She was making lunch for herself. When we're slicing, she normally has the gloves on," Annunziata explained.

He says they always work to make sure guests have a great experience.

Fortune Bowl at 2461 Colony Crossing Place in Chesterfield also usually earns better scores, but had 4 critical this time, including that food was stored on the floor or under 6 inches from the floor in the walk-in cooler and freezer. Fortune Bowl earned a perfect score the next time.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to a restaurant that was on the critical list once two years ago, but since then has earned several perfect scores. It's Subway inside the Walmart at 14501 Hancock Village Street in Chesterfield.

"All the staff, we just want to make sure the restaurant is clean and much safer and the customers appreciate it," said Jay Patel with Subway.

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