More Bang For Your Buck: Grow a great garden for less

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Kevin Cutlip grows anything he wants to eat. Last month he showed you how to grow a seed in dryer lint. A month later, they have sprouted.

He showed us the replanted celery base: "It's actually starting to get the curve on it like celery does."

He's extremely creative with what he uses for a container.

"This was a little fountain. I found this at the dump and I have asparagus growing in here and asparagus are invasive so I have them under control," he showed us.

Peppers have small root balls and will grow well in an old lighting fixture. Same with a fluorescent casing that easily transfers to a windowsill in the winter.

His hanging sweet potato bag filled with dirt will produce okra.

"I actually have a water bottle in here and it just drains out to the bag nice and slow," Kevin said.

If you're planting tomatoes, break up the soil so it's loose and plant it deep. Kevin says it's going to be a wet spring so pour a third of a cup of whole milk around the base.

"The calcium won't drop out and I won't have that yellowing from the bottom," he explained.

Growing peppers? Breakout the matchbook.

"Strike it, stick it in the ground," he said.

Three matches have Kevin picking peppers through December.

If you're getting ready to plant, Kevin recommends waiting until after Friday's expected storms. His website makes successful planting simple.

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