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FBI looks at local woman's video of marathon finish line

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A local woman shot video of her finish of the Boston Marathon and now the FBI has the files.

Brenna Creech thought she was capturing an important moment in her life. The video shows her last three minutes running and crossing the finish line. For Brenna, the focal point was personal.

"As I'm approaching and I realize I'm getting closer to the finish line where my mom and sister are I start focusing more on the left side," she said.

It is that coincidental angle that could make a difference for authorities.

"Right here is where my mom and sister were and that's about where the first bomb went off by these flags," Creech pointed out. "I turn to try and get them in my video."

In doing that, she may have inadvertently gotten something else in her video. Because of the view, it could be something to help investigators figure out exactly what happened and who's responsible for the Boston bombings.

But she didn't realize her accidental luck until she was in the car on the way home to Chesterfield.

Brenna didn't want to wait. She immediately called the hotline from the car. They hadn't been home for more than thirty minutes before an FBI agent from the Richmond Field Office came to pick up the video and pictures.

"I've had three different FBI agents call me, which is just surreal," she recalled.

Brenna doesn't know yet if surreal will turn into a break in the case.

"It's very shaky but I understand that the FBI has the technology to be able to freeze frame these videos and get really close in on faces or people," she added. "If they could freeze frame and maybe see something that could possibly help, I would hope they could find it."

The FBI and Boston Police are still looking for anything else that can help them in the investigation. You can call 1-800-CALL-FBI to speak with them,

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