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Central Virginia take sides on Senate vote against more gun control


For anti-gun advocates like Gena Reeder of Chesterfield County, it was the vote that was going keep guns from getting in the wrong hands.

"The vote today was sickening, I wish I can say that I'm shocked," said Reeder.

Reeder is the leader of the local chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. She said she and her kids counted the votes together.

The senate voted down a proposal that could have required background checks for more gun buyers - like at gun shows and online gun stores.

"We are very saddened by this cowardly act and we are prepared to go for the long haul we are not going away and if this Congress will not pass laws to protect our children then we will find one that will," said Reeder.

The vote was a big win for those pro-gun, like Philip Van Cleave of the Virginia Citizen's Defense League.

"No I'm not surprised, the mood of the country continues to be that gun control is not the answer, we've got problems with people with mental issues, we've got violent people but gun control isn't the way to stop it, it only harms the good people that follow the law," said Van Cleave.

Van Cleave carries his gun almost everywhere he goes and he believes stricter gun control is not the answer.

"Laws aren't meant to save us, laws are meant to punish somebody that does something wrong, we're trying to make laws do something they can't do, they can't make us safe they simply can't make us safe," he said.

A ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines also fell in a series of showdown votes.

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