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Beaufont Hills neighborhood wakes to slew of car break-ins


People in the Beaufont Hills neighborhood in south Richmond are shaken up after a number of car break-ins.

Richmond police say thieves raided more than half a dozen cars Tuesday night. Valuables like electronics and money were stolen from some cars. The thieves rummaged through other vehicles without taking anything.

Officers took finger prints from cars, interviewed victims and passed out flyers informing residents of how not to become easy targets. Investigators say most of the cars broken into were unlocked.

Ortega Cosby says his wife's SUV was left open, since the lock is sometimes faulty. The thieves rummaged through his vehicle.

"The console, the glove compartment…" described Cosby of the spots the suspects targeted.

Thankfully, nothing was stolen. The suspects also passed on actually taking anything from Tarvell Avent's car. He says he woke up to a messy ride, and police all over the block.

"I had a lot of CD's in the car. They were thrown all over the place," described Avent.

Avent says many neighbors were talking with officers. It was then that he realized multiple people had been hit by the thieves.

The thieves didn't over look Roger Pleasants's driveway either.

"My car door was open… The glove compartment was open, and everything was pulled out," described Pleasants.

Several neighbors say they found their car doors just barely shut. They theorize the thieves didn't want to make too much noise as they moved from car to car.

"You feel violated…because people work hard for their stuff," said Avent.

Police advise never leaving cell phones or other devices in the car, even if they're hidden. Investigators also suggest writing down serial numbers and saving warranty info for any electronic devices. Sometimes those can be tracked down.

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