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Richmond family witnesses lives saved at Boston Marathon bombing


One Richmond man has quite a story to tell. He and his family were actually in the Boston Marathon's triage area, when the bombs went off. At one point, there were actually stranded in downtown Boston.

The photo of Richmonder Tim Davey after he received his marathon medal is one his family will cherish. 

His wife and three children, twin 18-year-old girls and a 10-year-old boy, were there at the finish line. But 30 minutes after the photo was taken, the marathon was under attack.

"I had a hard time grasping sort of how real it was," he said.

The Davey family was in the medical tent getting treatment for Tim's knee when the bombs exploded.

In mere minutes, they found themselves in the middle of the triage area.

Davey says his family saw people who lost limbs and other injuries.

"There was another gentleman you could tell had some head trauma, very substantial," he said.  "Then we just started focusing on the kids. Trying to shield their eyes a little bit to make sure they didn't actually see things that may leave an indelible negative mark."

Yet while this nightmare unfolded around them, the Davey family witnessed the incredible. He says the medical personnel remained calm as they fought to save lives.

"A few individuals were given CPR there in that medical tent," he said. "I believe that this was something, not that they anticipated it, but something they were trained to handle."

But the family was stranded. Authorities wouldn't let anyone leave the downtown area. The Davey family found food, shelter and the latest information at a local hotel. 

"They had rooms already identified for all of the runners to find their families," he said. "From volunteers who had little medical training to doormen to concierge people to everybody it was pretty impressive to see what everybody did."

He says one group overlooked is the race volunteers who ran to help the wounded.

"They deserve the same accolades and thanks," he said.

That hotel the Davey's stayed at was the Copley Plaza. Tim says the hotel ended up comping the family's stay and one employee even offered them a ride to their car 20 miles away.

Davey says he wants to run the Boston Marathon again with his daughters.

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