On Your Side Alert: Fake employment agency call

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If you're in the market for a job, there is a warning for you! The Better Business Bureau says be on the lookout for a new wave of scam phone calls. Crooks are calling posing as an employment agency.

The caller claims they are with an employment agency named "W-N Positions" and wants to talk to you about a job survey that you supposedly completed online. Turns out, it's a robocall and when you eventually get a person on the phone, the BBB says there is not job offer, but a pitch to offer you education opportunities. Tom Gallagher, President of the Richmond BBB, says the call is definitely not legit.

"There is only one thing that can come out of that and that is a request for money," Gallagher told us.

Days after the alert went out, an NBC12 viewer sent me an email hoping I would warn others. The viewer says they were asked for personal information and says this was the second call they received.

"We will be hearing more. These things never come in ones, these things only come in batches," Gallagher explained.

Another twist, the company claims to be BBB accredited, Gallagher says that's not true.

"I don't want anybody believing that, until they go online to double check that, and if the logo shows up, you can click it and it will take you right to a live Better Business Bureau report, with today's date on it," he said.

The BBB recommends if you get one of these calls, hang up and don't press any buttons if you get the automated message. Gallagher says there is one sure fire way to tell that the call you receive is fishy.

"Nobody is going to call you out of the blue and say we want you, if they don't know anything about you, that is just not going to happen," Gallagher explained.

The BBB reminds consumers to never give out personal information to callers you don't know. Remember, you can report suspicious calls to the Federal Trade Commission.

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