Middle School Students in Court

Good morning it's Gray. here's a look at some of the stories you will want to catch before you leave the house on 12 News Today.

Breaking News: State Police are investigating a crash in New Kent County that left two people dead. It happened along I-64. Police are working to notify families of the victims.

A bus brawl sends six middle school students to court today. They're all accused of attacking their bus driver. Prosecutors say the kids ganged up on the driver and now the students face felony charges. The students involved were from Albert Hill Middle in Richmond.

The mumps outbreak on the U of R campus has prompted The State Health Department to take action. It is holding a free health clinic today.  The clinics will be held today , tomorrow, and Friday at the Robins Center. We've posted the list of hours on our website. A reminder, this is *not* open to the public.

Plus, the FBI releases new images of the bomb that killed three people at the Boston Marathon. Investigators say a "pressure cooker" contained a bomb. Another photo shows a shredded, black back-pack and what appears to be "metal pellets" or "ball bearings." Two identical pressure-cooker bombs were set off.  The FBI says they contained "B-B"-like pellets and nails, causing even more damage.

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