On Your Side Alert: Kids' Apps

We have an update to a 12 On Your Side Alert About Kids and Apps. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission released a report alerting parents that many Apps collect information and share it without parental consent.

In response, the FTC created a special graph to help parents. If your child has a cell phone, chances are they use Apps, which means you need to be concerned about their safety and privacy. Among the highlighted information on the new graph; a warning that Apps may collect and share personal information, they could let your child spend money without your permission, and some Apps can link your child to a social media site you may not want them on.

The FTC not only provides information about what these Apps can do without you knowing, it also provides some solutions to make the App experience safer. Tips include; researching the app, looking at the screen shots, reading reviews and checking out the developer's website. Another idea, download and play the App yourself. The FTC also advises changing the phone's settings to restrict content and creating a password so Apps won't be downloaded without your permission.

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