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Henrico apartment residents complain of rats and other issues


Thursday, county inspectors were back at an apartment complex in eastern Henrico investigating complaints about horrible living conditions. They confirm that rats are on the property at Glennwood Farms apartments.

Rat traps surround Carlton Banks' apartment.

"Every night we go to sleep you can hear them in the walls running and scratching to get out," he said.

Banks and his three children are being evicted. He fell short on his rent, but he claims Glennwood Farms apartments fell short fixing problems.

"I was cooking on the stove and the stove just sparked. As I lift the stove up, a rat runs out…I had to basically take my son's bat and clog the hole up…and nothing's been done," he said.

Shirley Rainey says she's seen her share of issues too. A hole in the ceiling formed from water damage, she says, right above a light fixture.

"One morning I came in the kitchen, it was hanging down full of water. So they got the electric and their water hooked up in the same spot," Rainey said.

Then there's the problem upstairs.

"It's a hole where a human being can just walk through. It's in the attic….They told me they were going to seal the hole up. Instead of them doing that, they just sealed the doorway up," she said.

"Do you think they're trying?" we asked.

"No. If they were trying they would have been done it," Rainey answered.

A representative told NBC the apartments are under new management which is working to address the concerns.  Gregory Revels, a Henrico County Building Official said there is an open case regarding the "rat problem." In some situations, he said, both residents *and* the apartments were responsible and that the apartments agreed to vacate the units in question.

"You're just moving people in to move them in and their not knowing what they're moving into and the situation that was someone else's is now the person that moves in," Banks said.

No word yet what if any further violations the county found when inspectors returned to the apartments Thursday. Henrico County Public Works also treated water sewers surrounding the apartment complex to get a better hold on the rat problem.

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