April 4 RESTAURANT REPORT: Corrections made at a Fan favorite

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You've probably been to some of the restaurants in this edition of the Restaurant Report. One is a Fan favorite that's been around for decades. So we went to find out what they did to fix violations on their health inspection.

Joe's Inn at 205 North Shields Avenue has been serving the Fan for 60 years.

Said manager Katie Price, "The customers and the staff have both been here for so long. We take pride in having a wait staff who's been here for decades."

The staff usually earns better health inspection scores, but this time had 4 critical violations.

"It's very rare and we take great pride is taking care of our customers," Price told us.

Kitchen manager Jason "Tank" Walker explained the dishwasher was not sanitizing utensils and equipment because the booster heater wasn't working right. "Sometimes the booster heater would trip and we had to get an electrician to look into that," Tank explained.

Price also showed us how they fixed the problem of creamers sitting out too warm. "We found these ultra-pasteurized no refrigeration-needed creamers, so this is now what we're going to have for our customers."

Joe's Inn had all problems fixed for a perfect score on their re-inspection the following week.

In Henrico, New Asian Panda at 10430 Ridgefield Parkway had 5 critical violations. The report says motor oil was stored next to rice in an outside shed, and fried chicken and noodles were draining in empty boxes. Violations were corrected by the next inspection, but noodles were again draining in an unlined box.

In Chesterfield, Mama's Pizza at 10020 Chester Road had 6 critical violations, including that the person in charge could not state proper meat cooking temperatures. All problems were fixed by the follow-up inspection.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award winner is Nunu's Cafe, inside an office building at 6800 Paragon Place in Henrico. Nunu El-jor has been serving Lebanese and American food for 21 years. She learned to cook from her mother. Nunu's Café has aced five health inspections in a row.

"I love my job," said Noha "Nunu" El-jor. "When you love your job, you do it from the bottom of your heart."

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