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Richmond SPCA comes to the rescue

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It is breeding season for cats and that means they are multiplying fast. The Richmond SPCA says it is a big problem in the area.

Last week, we told you about a Petersburg couple that has been feeding more than 30 cats abandoned in their neighborhood.

Overwhelmed by the growing number of feral cats in his backyard, Rye Curtis needed help, and the Richmond SPCA stepped in.

Deanna Denny owns these traps and has played a key role in controlling the feral cat population in the area - she knows how fast feral cat colonies can grow.

"If anyone is feeding a female cat or cats anywhere right now, they are either, in heat, pregnant, or already had a litter of kittens," said Denny.

To help, Denny set up 5 traps. The smell of cat food lures them in and quickly several of them find a way to get to the food.

It takes a little bit of patience but one by one they take the bait.

"I love them here, but I don't need a million cats, so I'm glad somebody is helping us," said Curtis.

The SPCA will spay and neuter these cats for free but that's nothing new. They fix about 2000 feral cats a year at no cost. You need a trap? They'll loan one out for $50 bucks and you get the money back when you return the cage. Just make sure to make an appointment with the Richmond SPCA.

"It's an absolute free service that Richmond SPCA provides through our charitable donations through the members of the community," said Tabitha Hanes of the Richmond SPCA.

"If we were able to trap all these cats and fix them, the colony will take care of itself and thank goodness for the services they provide or else there would be so many colonies - way out of control," said Denny.

So it's off to the Richmond SPCA for these cats to be spayed and neutered and brought back to the property where they'll live a happy life.

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