12 On Your Side: Nissan corrects paint problem

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Nissan promised to correct a paint problem on a Richmond woman's car after 12 On Your Side started looking into the complaint.

We found prominent spots and discoloration in different places all over the 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe.

Looking at it now, it's easy to see why Roletha Alston loves her car.

Nissan North America, Inc took a second look at Alston's complaint. She bought her spiffy red car new, five years ago, and believes it took that long for a factory paint defect to show.

When your 2008 ride comes back all buffed and polished looking like new after a week in the shop, who wouldn't be happy?

"I am very excited," said Alston. "I'm happy. Wish I didn't have to go through all this to get it done but I'm pleased."

No spots, bubbles or cracks - just a stunning shine and remarkable reflection bumper to bumper.

Nissan corporate instructed Sheehy Nissan Mechanicsville to do the repair work.

Alston said they sanded and painted the bad areas. Nissan believes her problem is now solved, but they guarantee the work if for some reason it's not.

"Channel 12 is what did it. When Channel 12 contacted Nissan. I think that's what prompted them to look into it further."

Victory Nissan, the dealership that sold her the car, is out of business, so the local dealership is where she turned for help. She also contacted Nissan corporate. Long story short, she repeatedly got the same response.

"The guy from Nissan called me a day or two later and said you're outside of your warranty. Too bad, so sad."

There are hundreds of Nissan paint complaints online. Car owners talking about their clear coat washing away.

Alston believes her car had defected paint from the factory in 2008 when she bought it new. She got estimates from four different body shops which bolster her belief.

I called Nissan corporate and emailed them about Alston's problem and the complaints I found online. A spokesperson did not address any online complaints, just Alston's.

"With further investigation, we determined Nissan should cover the issue. It will be corrected at no cost to her."

"I'm a hundred percent sure that if you all had not gotten involved, they would have still been telling me the same thing...but, I'm pleased. I love my vehicle."

Alston said Sheehy Nissan Mechanicsville did a wonderful job, treated her royally and she's happy. She says they also detailed her car and even threw in free floor mats.

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