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Church reunites marine with fiancee


A Fort Lee marine got an Easter surprise when he was reunited with his fiancee Sunday. 

Destination Church in Colonial Heights paid to fly in, 18-year-old, Reely Daugherty's fiance to surprise him during the service.

The set-up took weeks to plan. It started when Destination Church members Aaron and Melinda Mutter reached out to Reely's mom via Facebook and told her of their plan. She then called Reely's fiance, Haley Wilson, with the news.

"I was like 'oh my goodness, are you serious?' I was so excited and now I'm here and I can't wait to see him," said Haley before the reunion.

Haley was a carefully guarded secret throughout the church service. The pastor then called Reely on stage. He prayed that Reely be kept safe during his deployment.

With his head bowed, Reely had no idea who was creeping up behind him.

"I've got one more gift for you," said the pastor. "These are some flowers but they're not for you. They're for someone you love a lot. So the next time you see that fiancee of yours, I want you to give them to her."

With that, Reely turned around to find his fiancee standing on stage with him. 

"I didn't think it was her," said Reely after the reunion. "I thought it was someone else with makeup or something."

Destination Church flew in Haley Wilson as part of their "Do for One Week," which is a week-long community outreach program. During all three of Destination's services on Sunday, they helped specific people in need that they met throughout the week.

As for Haley and Reely, they will be married in May - then Reely will be deployed.

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